Woolpower’s decades of experience go into its full-zip jacket


Since 1969, Swedish apparel expert Woolpower has been manufacturing merino layering systems and one of the latest is its full-zip jacket, a perfect mid layer.

Woolpower’s unisex clothing is timeless, functional and of the highest quality, while keeping sustainability in focus before, during and after every garment is produced.

Woolpower developed its unique ‘Ullfrotte Original’ fabric in the early 1970s in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces, producing easy to care for clothing and accessories with great insulating properties. Woolpower clothes do not need to be washed often thanks to the natural cleaning properties of wool.

Its entire product range works as a system in which you can combine the various clothing items freely, depending on the activity you plan to do. A thicker layer can be worn next to your skin, just as a base layer can be doubled up. The most important thing is that you have Woolpower next to your skin to insulate the heat you generate.

Woolpower’s generous mid layer garments like the full-zip jacket are made of ‘Ullfrotte Original’ 400-600g, with all products still made in Ostersund, Sweden, reducing the number of links in the supply chain – indeed a new, additional factory is currently being built.

Woolpower products are available in the UK and Ireland exclusively through distributor Outwear Ltd.