‘Women Who Work in Fieldsports’ Takes to the Scottish Game Fair

Women Who Work in Fieldsports, a new platform set up by CEO of British Game Assurance, Louisa Clutterbuck, alongside Vanessa Steel and Iona Campbell from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), is set to host its second event at the Scottish Game Fair on Friday 30th June.

Women Who Work in Fieldsports (WWWF) was created to start a strong female network of women who work within the shooting sector. It is for women who may not shoot or fish themselves but help run shoot days, work in the office, help process game, run a game meat business, or have any other involvement within fieldsports.

Women will gather at the Scottish Game Fair at 11.30am Friday 30th June in the Advisory Tent, GWCT Central Exhibit, Scone Palace, for its second event this time In Conversation with Cara Hutchens, Director at International Hunting Scotland and Caroline Pringle, Project Manager at Wildlife Estates Scotland. The audience will be invited to hear about their experiences working in a male-dominated industry as well as meet other women who will support and inspire each other.

Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of British Game Assurance said “Women Who Work in Fieldsports has been set up to create an open, accessible community of women in the fishing and shooting sector. Integral to the platform is the bringing together of women from rural communities and various regions across the UK. So many women from Scotland were interested in the London launch so we committed to bringing WWWF to their doorstep. We’re looking forward to hosting our next event at the Scottish Game Fair and can’t wait to meet everyone there.”

Iona Campbell, Events Manager at Game Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) said “We are so happy to be having our next In Conversation event at the Scottish Game Fair. It will be fantastic to engage with more women in the industry and we are so pleased Cara and Caroline are the next speakers, they have so much knowledge and it will be fascinating to hear all about their experiences”.

Caroline Pringle, Project Manager at Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) said “Having sadly missed WWWF’s inaugural event in London, I’m looking forward to, what will be, an engaging discussion. Having worked in the sector for some time now, an opportunity to mull over experiences with others is welcome.”

WWWF celebrated its launch on 21st March this year 2023 in London, where women from across the industry came together In Conversation with Ali Henton, Editor of the Field, and Claire Zambuni, Director of Zambuni Communications.

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Following on from this event, WWWF will host a ‘Meet the Founders’ event at the Game Fair, Ragley Hall on the Eat Wild stand, Friday 28th July from 15.00-16.00. Further events will be held throughout the year both in person and remotely, with a variety of aims, be it informal, educational, or coaching sessions.