The theme for 2019 Trust’s ringside stand was ‘Three steps to heather heaven’. Through an innovative central exhibit we aimed to showcase the pathway that can help moorland managers create and maintain thriving moorland, rich in game and other wildlife.

The three steps included:

1. Understanding through research and monitoring

2. Action based on the research evidence

3. Achievement by following the first two steps

This very visual and practical exhibit will include live red grouse, black grouse, ptarmigan, hill fringe grey partridges and working hill ponies, alongside colourful displays and the kit required for successful moorland management.


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Food & Drink for GWCT Members

A delicious selection of meals provided by the family run Saltire Hospitality situated right next to the GWCT Members’ Marquee.

Enjoy the finest of fresh ingredients, a careful attention to quality across the day from hot breakfasts, to three course lunches and freshly baked goods for those who just fancy a sticky bun and a cup of tea.

To access the Members’ Restaurant you must be a GWCT Member. Members should wear their lapel sticker on arrival. You will be greeted to the Welcome Marquee, just before the turnstiles and your lapel badge will be exchanged for a smart swing-tag. You are very welcome to take guests into the GWCT Members’ Restaurant by the main-ring but we hope you can persuade them to join the Trust before they leave!


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