There’s a packed country pursuits programme at The Scottish Game Fair and we urge you to check our event programme when you arrive for full details. In the meantime we’ve tried to sum it all up in just a few words here!

Have a Go at….

We are currently working on our 2020 ‘Have a Go’ events so check back nearer to the event for a full run down.


The ever-popular shooting area offers a range of experiences and competitions for experts and beginners alike.


This is your chance to try your hand at fly fishing, fly tying or maybe just brush up on your casting.


Get up close and personal with our amazing birds of prey.


Watch our four legged friends as they go to work with amazing speed and agility.

Terriers & Ferrets

From intrepid terriers to fearsome ferrets, this is the best place to target.

Have a Go at….

Clay Shooting

Have you ever seen clay shooting and thought you’d like to give it a shot? Now is your chance. Our stands are set up for novices to come and try the Clay Shooting experience. There will be qualified and friendly instructors to look after you, with a gun that suits your needs. Clays, cartridges and safety protection are provided. There is no age restriction – 9 to 90 come and give it a try!


From Agincourt to the modern Olympics people have shot bows. And from Robin Hood to The Hunger Games they all started the same way – by starting as a complete beginner, picking up a bow for the first time and giving it their best shot. Why not start today?

Archery is suitable for everyone and you don’t need great strength or prior experience. You’ll get one-to-one tuition from experienced coaches and we’ll have you on target in no time. If you enjoy your first taste, we can provide information on clubs throughout Scotland who can take you further.

Bush Craft & Countryside Survival Skills

The WILD is waiting for you! Lolly, our bush craft tutor, was the Head Instructor for Ray Mears for six years and is the only person in Scotland to have obtained the Ray Mears instructors’ knife. He was also a consultant for Bear Grylls and has trained all sectors of the military services and the vast majority of instructors throughout the UK. There will be a series of open sessions throughout the day and you’ll get your chance to learn how to light a fire by spark or by friction, make string and event bake fresh bread over the camping stove!

On daily throughout the Scottish Game Fair | FREE | All ages welcome

  • 10.00 (60 mins) Safe use of the axe, for chopping and splitting
  • 11.30 (60 mins) Woodland Tools and their safety and wood carving
  • 13.00 (45 mins) Setting up camp
  • 14.00 (45 mins) Kit and equipment
  • 15.00 (60 mins) Basic fire lighting
  • 16.00 (60 mins) Traps and snares for the North. – primitive techniques for catching game and fish
  • 17.00 Open session

The Junior Macnab

GWCT and Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG) have joined together to offer young Scottish Game Fair goers a ‘Junior Macnab’ experience.

Instead of hunting a stag, grouse and fishing for a salmon, our Junior Macnabbers will compete to hunt rabbit, pigeon and fish for a trout! It’s completely free to enter, and you can have two attempts each day of the Fair. The event has been developed to encourage youngsters to get outside and experience everything the countryside has to offer.

Free to Enter | Ages 8 – 21 | Daily 10.00 – 16.00

Bring your completed game card and you could win a fantastic prize each day including:

  • One of three family passes for next year’s Scottish Game Fair
  • Attendance at the GWCT’s Young Shots Day at our farm, Auchnerran;
  • A one year subscription to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine

Supported by:

  • Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group
  • British Association for Shooting & Conservation
  • Game Angling Instructors Association

Would you like to experience the country pursuits first hand?


The ever-popular shooting area offers a range of experiences and competitions for experts and beginners alike. We have a great range to suit or challenge all at affordable prices. In 2019 the Clay Shooting is organised by Pentangle Shooting Services and Buchan Field Sports.


Fisherman’s Row welcomes thousands of anglers to the banks of the Tay every year. As well as the favourite attractions, there is a Fly Fishing Village dedicated to the sport. The layout on Fisherman’s Row has been developed to include the fishing village, offering a more open outlook to the river where you can enjoy refreshments by the river, the Fly Casting competitions and demonstration podiums.

Fly Fishing Village

Promoted by Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine who have gathered top fishing traders under the one roof to provide an interesting array of products, services and promotions. Glenda Powell, will be in attendance, offering advice and assistance on the river and at the nearby dry casting area.

Casting Clinic

GAIA fly casting instructors and guides will be on hand to teach you how to cast the fly or will help you iron out any existing casting problems. The Casting Clinic is located on the river, away from the crowds, and you can choose a male or female instructor using top quality Mackenzie equipment, designed for fishermen by fishermen.

Fly Tying Demonstrations

The increasingly popular Fly Tying Tent sees the continuation of demonstrations and opportunities for all to test their skills or to receive instruction. Tuition and encouragement will be given by fly tying experts with prizes for the best fly tied by and amateur adult and novice each day.

Fly Casting Demonstrations

Daily fly casting demonstrations on the river will be run featuring a wide range of single and double handed casting techniques. A team of well-known experts will also be on hand to demonstrate on the river and in the main arena and are happy to answer your questions.

Fishing Competitions

Fly-fishing competitions will run on the Saturday and Sunday for amateur ladies, gents and youths with prizes in each category for the best casts of the day.

For full details of our Fishing Competitions click here.

Fishing Conservation Marquee

The Fishing Conservation marquee features the combined work of The Atlantic Salmon Trust, Fishing Science of the GWCT, Marine Scotland and the Tay District Salmon Fishery Board. There will be a tank of salmon and trout, and a bug table for the youngsters, as well as plenty of information for everyone.


Birds of prey come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. They all fly in all sorts of different ways too. During Elite Falconry’s two flying demonstrations in the Main Ring taking place daily throughout the event, spectators will get to meet a tremendous variety of birds, both great and small.

Drawing on their amazing team of birds, including some produced in their fantastic breeding for a conservation project, Elite Falconry will fly stealthy owls, hawks, super-fast falcons, buoyant kites, nature’s clean-up crew in the shape of vultures and, of course, super powerful eagles. Be prepared to be amused as the birds often tie the falconers in knots!

The static display of birds of prey, also supplied by Elite Falconry in the falconry mews, allows you to get closer to this cast of flighty characters. Their helpful staff will be on hand throughout to answer questions and chat in more detail about the birds, and the 4000-year-old art of Falconry.

The World of Gundogs

The world of Gundogs is an ever-growing attraction at the Scottish Game Fair and a team of experts are always on hand to provide tips and advice. Ask about anything from feeding your pup correctly to working your fully trained adult dog on a grouse moor. Meet the breeds and find out what might be best for you before taking on a new puppy. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so please come see us. We are happy to offer advice on your existing dog or what breed might suit you, as well as feeding tips and dog management advice.

Gun Dog Competitions

Gun dog demonstrations and competitions run throughout the Scottish Game Fair Weekend. Highlights include Restricted Gun Dog Tests for Spaniels and Retrievers, the ever popular Scurry, Junior Handler Tests and the Four Nations International Gundog Competition.

For full details of our Gun Dog Competitions click here.

Distraction Alley

Have you mastered the scurry? Put your dog through its paces by doing a timed retrieve with a bolting rabbit to distract them.

Takes place on Saturday and Sunday. Prizes for the best dog and also for the dog who makes us laugh most!

Gundog Lessons

£5 for 10 minutes with an expert learning more about you, your dog and how to enhance the relationship between you and your dog and to help you both unlock your potential. All proceeds go to the GWCT. No dog? No problem – borrow one of ours!

Puppy Corner

Meet the puppies for a cuddle. Introduce yourself or others to the joy of owning a dog or help someone overcome a fear of dogs. We are here to help and so are the puppies!

Gun Dog Demonstrations

As well as the main arena demos by Sealpin Gundogs, there will be demonstrations at The John Clark World of Gundogs throughout the weekend.


This is your chance to get into the scurry with your dog, and see how they run. Always fun!

Terriers & Ferrets

Terrier Racing

Does your dog have the need for speed? Twice a day we invite visitors to register their faithful friends for the race of their careers. Sometimes exhilarating, always amusing, entry is open to all breeds, though terriers’ natural tenacity and desire to chase gives them a certain advantage. So, come along and join the fun. This could be your dog’s big moment!


Simon Whitehead and his Pakefield ferrets will be demonstrating the traditional craft of ferreting in the arena next to his stand in the Activities Area. On the stand there are netmakers illustrating their skill of knitting nets whilst Simon will be on hand to talk about what he does for a living: rabbiting.

A raconteur of some repute, Simon demonstrates and educates about his traditional craft to show why the Pakefield Ferrets’ pledge to ensure the tradition of ferreting is continued for further generations is still relevant, even in the face of technological advancements.

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