The Cookery Theatre

The Cookery Theatre

In 2018 we were delighted to launch our new look Cookery Theatre to celebrate Scotland’s wealth of wild food! We teamed up with Scotland’s Natural Larder and the Scottish Venison Partnership to offer a fantastic programme using the very best of Scotland’s natural local produce that has been harvested, foraged or hunted.

Over the three days of our show some of Scotland’s leading game chefs shared lots of new ideas and techniques to make the most of our world class ingredients. You will go home full of inspiration!

Here’s what was on offer at our 2018 show.  We can’t wait to bring you more details of our 2019 cookery theatre shortly

Friday – Focus on Venison
09.30 Food safety in the venison food chain – lowland focus – Two short films plus discussion session*.
10.30 Venison Butchery and tasting by Highland Game – Enjoy full carcass butchery and tasting both Roe & Red Venison.
12.00 Versatile venison cooking – All you need to know about cooking venison with chef and presenter Christopher Trotter: venison carpaccio, fresh cooked haunch and loin steaks.
13.30 Offaly good venison cooking – Offal at its best with chef and presenter Christopher Trotter. Give it a try! Use the whole carcass; liver with sage, quick cook heart, creamy kidneys.
15.00 The Best of the Batch – We hate waste! Find out how to use of all of your venison carcass and learn superb batch cooking recipes with venison expert and presenter Chris Brooks.
16.00 Whisky Food Pairings – Steve Johnstone of Robert Grahams 1874 presents a whisky and food tasting masterclass.
17.00 Food safety in the venison food chain – upland focus – Two short films plus discussion session*.

*Films produced by Pace Productions for the Scottish Venison Partnership, Scottish Quality Wild Venison and SNH venison food chain. Particularly for stalkers and deer managers.

Thanks to Perth Kitchen Centre

Saturday – Sausage Saturday
10.30 Bangers for Brunch – 101 ways with game sausages. Chef and present Christopher Trotter cooks Turbigo and sausage with kale and potato.
11.30 Glorious Game Sausages – New recipes and methods to use them from scotch eggs to meatloaf with Christopher Trotter.
12.30 The Ethical Carnivore, Louise Gray – A fascinating talk by author and journalist Louise Gray on her year of cooking and eating what she killed. Alongside rabbit butchery and tasting Louise’s favourite rabbit recipe.
14.00 Sausage making demonstration – Join chefs and game experts Peter Gott & Catriona Frankitti to learn all you need to know on the art of making game sausages.
15.30 Game sausage competition – Bring in your own and we will cook them for a panel to taste and judge the winner. All sausages must be handed in to BASC tent by 11.00 on Saturday.
17.00 Gin Fling – Round off Saturday at the fair with a 20 minute master class in Gin, hosted by Persie Gin, followed by the all-important tasting.

Sunday – Glorious Game Sunday
10.30 Rachael Green, Taste of Game: Making ordinary game extraordinary!
11.30 Glenn Roach of Macdonald Rusacks Hotel: Cooking Scottish venison with lamb
12.30 Masterchef Champion Jamie Scott of The Newport Restaurant: Cooking pigeon salad.
13.30 Masterchef Champion Jamie Scott of The Newport Restaurant: Cooking steamed trout with seaweed.
15.00 Rachael Green, Taste of Game: Old game? New tricks!
16.15 Barking Mad Treats! Chef Christopher Trotter will show you some great recipes to cook your own dog treats for your pampered pooches.




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