Treasure Your River


A co-ordinated campaign, created by award-winning environmental organisation Hubbub and supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation has resulted in the Treasure Your River project – a working group of litter-busting organisations across the UK.

Among those involved in the scheme, which aims to remove 95 tonnes of litter from our rivers and prevent a further 90 tonnes from entering them in the first place, is the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, which enjoyed a hugely successful Game Fair in the summer.

Amazingly, more 80 per cent of marine litter originates from inland and our rivers then deliver it to the oceans.

Dr Emily Smith, environment manager of the Angling Trust approached the ANLRS to work on a joint application to get involved with this wide-reaching project.

As the result, they have secured funding to offer 50 free ANLRS pipe bins, made by the team at Merkko in Reading, to angling clubs and fisheries on five major river catchments in the UK over the coming months – the Bristol Avon, Mersey, Severn, Thames or Trent.

These bins can be set up on a fence, bank or gate and provide a way for old fishing line to be recycled into new products such as rod stands and stop line entering the environment.

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