The GWCT Scottish Game Fair Gunmakers’ Row partners with Pulsar


Pulsar the premium night vision and thermal optics, exclusively distributed by Thomas Jacks, have partnered with the GWCT Scottish Game Fair to sponsor Gunmakers’ Row, taking place from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 July at Scone Palace, Perthshire.

From their humble beginnings back in 1991 as a group of engineers with a vision of seeing beyond the invisible working to produce spotting scopes in their basement, the Pulsar brand evolved and was first introduced in its current form in 2008. Since then, Pulsar has become the global leader of night vision and thermal optics for outdoor sports and security markets.

Pulsar’s partnership will breathe new life into the Scottish Gunmakers’ Row. Exhibiting for the first time, visitors will have the chance to test drive Pulsar products with a specially built viewing platform that provides far-reaching views and enables Pulsar to demonstrate the detection range and image quality of their night vision and thermal optics.

Thomas Jack’s Head of Marketing, Lee Adams commented: “It’s Pulsar’s first time at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair and we’re looking forward to getting our full range of Pulsar products into customers’ hands for them to compare side-by-side.”

“Pulsar (Thomas Jacks) are the perfect fit for the Gunmakers’ Row Scotland, as such an innovative and forward-thinking brand it will enable us to further develop this core element of the show. Furthermore, it will provide a wonderful opportunity for our 30,000 annual visitors to explore the full range of their premium night vision and thermal optics.” said Lee Hurst Head of Gunmakers’ Row.