Stinky Beasties – The sweet smell of success


Stinky Beasties is a clever concept, using nature’s own pet products to keep your pet clean, cared for and fresh smelling, no matter what they have been doing or where they have been.

Using the best, natural, vegan-friendly ingredients, the products are designed to look after your pet’s coat and skin, with no palm oil, SLS, artificial fragrances, colours, or harsh preservatives – just 100 per cent of nature’s own ingredients and benefits.

As the company prepares for the GWCT Scottish Game Fair in just a couple of weeks, founder Leanne Roger explained: “Stinky Beasties was started due to own personal needs.

“I have two Tamaskan dogs – Odin and Roukan – who love nothing more than to roll in everything they come across, which had me having to bath them, sometimes on a daily basis.

“Due to their thick double coats, none of the dog shampoo I bought from the pet shops was effectively removing the smell of that pesky fox poo, without also stripping the natural oils from their coats and skin.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop them from rolling, so I made the decision that the shampoo had to change. After some time, a lot of trial and errors, I finally had the charcoal shampoo.

“As with all my products, the charcoal shampoo is made from natural ingredients which won’t strip the coat of its own oils but helps to replenish those lost through washing, leaving behinds a soft, shiny, well nourished, coat and health skin.”

As well as being vegan-friendly and full of nature’s finest ingredients, Stinky Beasties products all come in environmentally friendly packaging that can either be recycled or reused.

Leanne added: “Our best-selling product is definitely the charcoal shampoo – it is, after all, the best fox poo remover you’ll find.

“We’re really looking forward to being part of the GWCT Scottish Game Fair this year. It’s a big event so we are hoping to meat lot of new customers and, of course, their amazing dogs.”