Security Message to Visitors

In relation to the forthcoming 30th anniversary of the GWCT Scottish Game Fair (SGF), in light of previous terrorist incidents in the UK, the Scottish Game Fair organising team has, in partnership with Police Scotland, reviewed security measures for the event.

As a consequence, and to ensure the integrity of the site and the safety of the event, having taking the advice of the police, a number of additional security measures are to be adopted, including the potential for security bag checks being conducted.

The event organisers would also ask for your vigilance and should you see anything of a suspicious nature, please inform site security staff. Visitors can also assist by not leaving any bags or items unattended, which may cause suspicion.

If an Incident does occur, please stay calm, and listen to instructions from Game Fair staff and general public announcements. Emergency plans are in place to keep everyone safe.

Your cooperation to ensure that the SGF remains a safe and enjoyable event is truly appreciated and we hope that you have a wonderful visit to what promises to be another exciting and dynamic Scottish Game Fair.

Dr Adam Smith
GWCT Director (Scotland)