Schöffel Country introduce two new Tweeds for 2019/20

With every product Schöffel Country creates, there is a well thought out story behind each piece. The new season tweeds are no exception. Schöffel Country have worked with renowned tweed manufacturers Lovat Mill, based in Hawick Scotland, for the last three seasons. The mill is one of the finest product manufacturers in the country, using heritage colours and traditional methods to produce some of the best tweeds in existence. Lovat Mill is run by Alan Cumming and Stephen Rendle, they have run it for the last 10-15 years and between them have around 60 years experience in the industry. Lovat Mill is not only famed for their tweed but also their pure cashmere and luxury cloths, they supply their tweeds to the likes of luxury couture houses such as Chanel.

Schöffel Country product designers looked through the archives at Lovat Mill to find inspiration to create the gentleman’s Buckingham tweed. Schöffel Country wanted to depict the natural surroundings of the countryside whilst using a traditional colour and setting for the tweed. The result was a tweed with roots that lie in the traditional estate tweeds seen historically across Britain, combined with bold highlights in blues and reds, which resemble the noticeable attributes of where tweed would normally be worn. The blue tones reflect slate, water and stone and the red hues mirror the bracken, earth and majesty of the sport of shooting.

With the Ladies Sussex tweed, the ground of the tweed was created with a total of twelve coloured yarns. It was important to Schöffel Country that the tweed was created with the authentic colours of the natural habitat surrounding the tweed mill, without becoming overly feminine and losing authenticity. As a result, the careful and considered process of creating a new tweed, from start to finish, takes approximately eighteen months in total. For the invention of the Sussex tweed, lilacs and heathers have been chosen to add a touch of femininity, to stay in keeping with the natural aesthetic, overchecks run through the tweed in damson and highland thistle shades. The rich ground colours are woven with a combination of colours to give warmth and a refined, luxurious feel to the fabric.

You can be amongst the first to preview and purchase the new Ptarmigan tweed shooting coats by visiting several Schöffel Country retailers at The Game Fair this weekend including Bredon Hill Shooting, Elm of Burford, Brocklehursts and Philip Morris & Son.