Savour the game flavours of Europe


Game meat supplier Wild & Game is offering everyone the chance to savour the enjoy the flavours of Europe with its September recipe box.

The box includes a free recipe booklet and all the game meat needed to cook the recipes, which are themed around the countries of Europe. With many of us still reluctant or unable to travel abroad, this recipe selection is designed to offer a taste of Europe at home.

Recipes include Scandinavian-style pheasant in a creamy dill sauce, Greek-style partridge souvlaki, Spanish tapas-style wild boar meatballs, Italian style venison cannelloni, German wild boar schnitzel, Hungarian venison goulash and French-inspired pheasant coq au vin.

Founded in 2017, Wild and Game is a leader in the growing market for game, which many people are embracing as a more interesting alternative to the usual supermarket options, as well as having relatively low food miles and being lower in fat and higher in protein than farmed meats.

Game meat, in particular rabbit and venison, can also be a much more sustainable option, as the animals need to be culled to protect natural habitats.

Wild and game sells game meat, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, charcuterie, ready meals and more. The company produces a monthly recipe box, each one providing seven seasonal recipes and all the game meat needed to cook them.

Co-founder Steven Frampton said: “We were founded with a mission to help people in the UK rediscover the pleasures of eating game. One of the challenges people faced was a lack of confidence about cooking with it, and perhaps a perception that it could only be used in traditional, wintry recipes.

“Our recipe boxes are packed with new ideas from around the world and really show off the versatility of these delicious meats throughout the year.”