The theme for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s central exhibit at this year’s Scottish Game Fair looks at the increasing importance for land managers to demonstrate the biodiversity benefits flowing from their work.

With future farm payments likely to be based on environmental outcomes, or sporting enterprises needing to show evidence about the presence of key species and management of habitats, the exhibit will look at some of the key features behind these developments, what may need to be measured and simple ways in which valuable information can be recorded.

So if you have ever asked yourself ‘how good is my game, or ‘how green is my farm’, make a bee-line for our thought-povoking exhibit in the GWCT central area and have a chat with our advisory team who will be available throughout the Fair to answer your questions.


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Food & Drink for GWCT Members

As ever, a delicious selection of meals provided by the family-run Saltire Hospitality will be available in the our members’ restaurant, right next to the Central Exhibit.

Enjoy the finest of fresh ingredients and a careful attention to quality throughout the day – from hot breakfasts to three-course lunches or freshly baked goods if you just fancy a sticky bun and a cup of tea.

To access the restaurant in the GWCT members’ area, you must be a GWCT member. Members will be sent a lapel sticker with their Scottish Game Fair Welcome pack, which should be worn and retained for entry to the restaurant (it’s a small request to help limit handling contact exchanging the sticker for a swing-tag on this occasion). Or, keep your welcome pack letter with you as an alternative way of confirming your GWCT membership.

You are very welcome to take guests into the GWCT members’ area and the restaurant but we hope you can persuade them to join the Trust before they leave!


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