Dave Felce

  • Dave Felce, aka “Corsican Dave”, has been fishing since childhood; now a very, very long time ago. Cutting his teeth on the canals and clay pits of Milton Keynes (the well-known Mecca of fly-fishing), he first picked up a fly rod around 40 years ago. He promptly attached his trusty spinning reel and wondered why it didn’t work very well…

    Things have moved on a bit since then and Dave has been actively pushing the boundaries of fly-fishing for many years with wide experience in saltwater fly fishing, kayak fishing, pike on fly and, most importantly, carp; both in the UK and abroad. He primarily uses imitations of natural food items and bases his approach on observation and experimentation, although his patterns range from simple to outrageous!
    Brimming over with passion and enthusiasm for his subject, he has had a number of articles published and has presented talks at various shows, including the BFFI.

    An Applied Biologist (somewhat lapsed) and a qualified outdoors instructor, he now concentrates on adventurous fly-fishing, writing and photography.

    He is the Brand Ambassador for Gouldfish Custom Rods.