If you go down to Activity Row you’re sure to be in for a fabulous time, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Junior Macnab

We are delighted to bring back the Junior Macnab to the GWCT Scottish Game Fair this July. The concept was originated by Country Sports Scotland and supported by the Scottish Youth and Countryside Education Trust (SYCET), BASC and many others.

The idea was simple – replicate the Macnab by replacing the stag with a rabbit target shot with an air rifle, the brace of grouse with clay pigeons and the salmon with fly casting.  Each participant was issued with a Game Card and shot clays with a BASC Shotgun Coach, shot on the airgun range and went “fishing” with the local angling club instructors.  (All equipment, including safety equipment, is provided.)

At the end of each day of the Fair all of those who had successfully completed their Game Card entered a draw to win a number of prizes donated by our sponsors.

Estates Challenge

Pre-Registration required | Competition Saturday 15.00 | Reception Saturday 17.30

We are delighted to be re-introducing The Estates Challenge Competition it provides a great opportunity for estates publicly to demonstrate the skills involved in field sports.

The Estates Challenge was conceived to promote and celebrate the many estates and keepers who work so hard to conserve our beautiful countryside and preserve our high quality country sports. We very much hope that the Challenge will be an enjoyable, sporting competition. It will include the following disciplines: shooting, fishing and gundog handling.

The Sheep Show

The Sheep Show is a fun and educational live show of sheep breeds and shearing.

The sheep, with names like Nobby the Norfolk Horn and Susie the Southdown are applauded onto the stage where they stand on their podiums for the duration of the 30-minute show. There is then a well commentated shearing demonstration, showing how well is transferred from the sheep’s back to a jumper for your back. And don’t miss The Sheep Show Shuffle…yes, dancing sheep!


Simon Whitehead and his Pakefield ferrets will be demonstrating the traditional craft of ferreting in the Falconry Arena.

A raconteur of some repute, Simon demonstrates and educates about his traditional craft to show why the Pakefield Ferrets’ pledge to ensure the tradition of ferreting is continued for further generations is still relevant, even in the face of technological advancements.

Other Activities

  • World of Gundog Demonstrations
  • Meet the Terriers, Fox Hounds and Hill Ponies
  • Climbing Walls
  • Junior Quad Bikes
  • Surf Simulator
  • Bouncy Castle Heaven
  • Laser Tag


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