Continuing our series of guest blogs from influencers in the field of conservation, hunting, fishing, travel and lifestyle, allow us to introduce Solveig from Solveig In Scotland – one of the most influential ‘luxury Scotland’ social media personalities. 

In a mass-produced world of Ikea, Primark and little-caring global chains, we find great solace and reassurance in Solveig In Scotland’s classic elegance and old-world style. Furthermore, we just love that she is promoting Scotland with great success to a global audience of kindred spirits. For those of you who do not know Solveig, she is fast becoming one of Scotland’s most recognisable and influential faces on the Instagram, high-fashion and luxury Scotland scenes and we are very excited to announce that she is going to be joining us at Scone Palace for the 30th Scottish Game Fair! 

Although a Frenchwoman, Solveig’s natural passion and enthusiasm for all things Scottish led her to move from her native France and resettle here in Scotland. Here she can be much closer to the incredible places she loves and has a real connection with.  Solveig now works with and promotes a variety of Scottish industries including fashion houses, high-end accommodation and unique tourism experiences both directly on a consultancy basis and via her successful social media platforms such as Instagram. She has now won a dedicated following of over 10,700 Scotland lovers from all over the world who dream of and indeed do visit our glorious country each year.  

What makes Solveig different? In a nutshell, her old-world influences and themes set her quite apart from the modern masses found online with a certain classic-chic that can be hard to emulate in today’s world. Her unique style is clearly very well received online. With a strong following or ‘clan’ who have bought into all things Scottish and all things Solveig, more and more brands are jumping at the chance to expose themselves directly to Clan Solveig, with a powerful endorsement to boot from the Highland chatelaine herself! Solveig is on Instagram here: @Solveig In Scotland

Beyond Fashion! Up until recently, Solveig’s main focus has been with many of Scotland’s and the UK’s leading country and traditional fashion labels. However she is now helping to promote preferred luxury accommodation as well as forward-thinking sporting estates, land management programs and sustainably sourced food for the table (via fieldsports & select deer stalkers). She also promotes unique tourism experiences such as Highland pony treks and marine or land-based wildlife safaris – dream holiday experiences to be savoured here in Scotland. Many of these experiences go on to tie in perfectly within the itineraries she helps produce for Scottish luxury tour operator Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions. Essentially, Solveig’s ‘reach’ enables brands to promote their products to a guaranteed engaged audience of dedicated Scotland lovers, hitting for six the traditional print media campaign within the palm exposure via tablets, iPhones and laptops. 

These days one will most likely find Solveig at a stunning Scottish location. She could be visiting a romantic castle, a Speyside single-malt distillery or joining in the fun at a ceilidh on a windswept Hebridean island with the locals. Amazingly, Solveig manages to capture the atmosphere and mood of these experiences perfectly, pairing them with her chosen outfits and producing an array of stunning photography. Photos and articles are published on her Instagram page www.instagram.com/solveiginscotland and blog www.solveiginscotland.com as well as her Facebook page.  

If you would like to get in touch with Solveig personally, she will be attending the 30th Scottish Game Fair and would love to meet up. You can also reach her via email: solveiginscotland@gmail.com