Latest Pulsar gear and sale at Cluny Country


The team at Fife-based retail outlet Cluny Country are gearing up for the GWCT Scottish Game Fair and have kicked things off early with news of the latest Pulsar products now available for pre-order.

Pulsar is a leading night vision manufacturer, creating highly professional digital and thermal spotters and rifle scopes, offering enhanced functionality for hunting, security, nature conservation, and more.

Among the new high-performance gear launched for 2022 will be the Thermion 2 LRF XP50 Pro and Talion XQ38, along with some revamped Axion thermal spotters.

Pulsar has upgraded the very popular 30mm tube design of the Thermion 2 XP50 with a seamlessly integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) and the improved “Pro” sensor, its best sensor yet.

This laser eradicates doubt and allows for precise distance measuring, with a measuring distance up to 800m. The scope has a thermal detection range of 1,800m and, when paired with the LRF, makes for an amazing shooting experience. It is also great for shooting at long distance as the base magnification increases eightfold from 2x to 16x.

The Talion XQ38 is Pulsar’s functional thermal scope. A completely different design to the Thermion, the Talion is compact, lightweight and includes a multipoint mounting prism, meaning you can comfortably position your rifle scope to reach the perfect viewing position.

It also has a unique and practical battery cover which comes with a rapid extraction lock, allowing the battery to be replaced as fast, effectively and flawlessly as possible. One charge can hold nine hours of battery life, more than enough for a hunt!

In comparison to the previous generation of Axion thermal monoculars, the Axion 2 XQ35 and LRF XQ35 feature a longer battery life and better image quality, while keeping the products at a great price point.

The LRF version comes with a built-in laser rangefinder, made for precision, and is the only thermal spotter Pulsar currently does that has a true laser rangefinder.

They feature a high pixel resolution of 384×288, allowing you to see small details even in the worst of weather conditions.

The Axion 2 XQ series also comes with a build in video recorder. You can store footage and pictures on the spotter, or it can be stored on the online Pulsar cloud.

The Axion XM30F replaces the extremely popular XM30 S and is a pocket-sized thermal spotter. This model has high-cost characteristics at a low-cost level. All these products are available for pre-order.

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