Land managers urged to count the birds

Tomorrow (Friday) sees the start of the 2023 GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count. Ahead of this year’s count – the 10th being held – its founder Jim Egan, is encouraging those who work on or manage the land to ensure they get involved.

He said: “Understand that what you do makes a difference and gives the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) a superb opportunity to shout about all the good work done on farms.”

The GWCT’s Dr Roger Draycott, who now runs the count, agreed: “In the 10 years since the GWCT Big Farmland Bird Count began, the commitment shown by an ever-growing number of farmers and land managers to supporting and monitoring birds and other wildlife is inspiring and should be celebrated.”

Between February 3rd and 19th February, people are being asked to take just 30 minutes to count the birds they see on their land, then submit their results to the GWCT.

Counting allows land managers to measure the impact of the conservation work that so many of them carry out. And the nationwide voluntary effort enables the GWCT to build a picture of the status of the UK’s farmland bird species.

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