Kilt jackets not quite the full Monty…


Roll up, gents, if wearing a kilt alone is not peacocking enough for you!

Sporran maker Monty Lewis’ new kilt jackets are inspired by obscure regimental jackets that were unique to specific territories in the Highlands.

These provided ideas to create British-made velvet kilt jackets drawing on the assumption that, with Highland dress, you can get away with breaking the strict black tie rule, as everyone assumes the unusual jacket you have on belonged to your great uncle who served with some local militia.

The jackets will be made to order in Monty’s hand-picked selection of velvets. There are two styles currently, one is frogging in silk brocade and the other is frogging in grosgrain ribbon.

On his stand (104, Osprey Row) he will also be offering, for the first time, the opportunity for people to commission their own bespoke sporran in sterling silver, amongst other beautiful materials.