GWCT helps young farmers to get fit for the future


A new online guide is now available to support young farmers as they embark on their careers. Produced by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) in partnership with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the online Fit for Business Guide is part of the Defra-funded Building Skills project and provides guidance for young farmers in an uncertain time for the industry.

The NFYFC approached the GWCT’s Allerton Project in 2021, followed by a visit from the NFYFC national committee, and we will be running training sessions through February and March to discuss the work undertaken at Allerton and the skills young farmers will need in future. The Allerton Project offers a unique insight as a practical demonstration and research farm with an educational remit, and we’re delighted to be working to ensure the next generation of people looking after our landscape and putting food on our plates are fully informed about the latest developments in sustainable farming.

The report covers a breadth of topics, ranging from our experience of Conservation Agriculture, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and agroforestry, to a discussion around the skills young farmers might need and the ability for farmers to provide their feedback on what skills they feel are required for British farming to fulfil its potential. Participants will also receive guidance on natural capital accounting, agri-environment schemes and regenerative farming systems.

Joe Stanley, the GWCT’s Head of Training and Partnerships, said: “With a training offer to share good practice and a farm to demonstrate the commercial benefits, NFYFC and GWCT are pleased to collaborate again on a project to help share news, offer training and signpost for further information during this time of agricultural transition.

“We hope this guide helps young farmers identify the skills they may need, information to help progress their career or land management plans and provide training options.”

You can access the guide free at