Visitors to the GWCT Scottish Game Fair have a wonderful opportunity to experience the countryside at first hand with displays and experiences which include getting ‘hands-on’ with hounds, gundogs, birds of prey, the sheep show and even ferret racing!  These are all reasons why I can’t wait for the end of June – it is the best event of the summer.   

As an artist I am passionate about the countryside and the sports that are part of this landscape. My watercolour paintings reflect my observations and in-depth knowledge of my subject matter and the colours all around me and I am lucky enough to be based in my studio and gallery in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside. 

The local wildlife, along with my own menagerie of guineafowl, ducks and chickens, feature in my work as well as abundant floral displays which depict the best of spring and summer. The animals and birds that I paint are captured in their natural habitat and are full of action, from the leaping fox, to the racing hare.  

We are counting the days until the GWCT Scottish Game Fair, as it is our absolute favourite venue.  It has a truly ‘country’ feel, and we are looking forward to catching up with old friends and family from Fife and Perthshire, and making new ones. 

I am currently working on some brand new paintings for the Game Fair and will also be bringing a wide selection of prints, including new hares, guinea fowl, hounds and chickens, also plenty of quirky new gift ideas featuring running hounds, strutting pheasants and waddling ducks.  As usual, we’ll be staying in our old caravan by the river, which makes this trip more like a holiday than work!

Photo Neil Denham

If you are keen to take the essence of the countryside and its wonderful birds and beasts home with you, head to over to see my paintings on stand No. O47 and discover my art which truly brings wildlife indoors. 

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