Field, River and Hill Influencers No.4 – Announcing Our Online Partners

We are delighted to announce that The Pace Brothers are our online partners at this year’s Fair and are kindly hosting our whole team of ‘Field, River and Hill Influencers’ at their distinctive tent on Activity Row.

Byron and Darryl Pace are filmmakers, hunters, conservationists and hosts of the UK’s only hunting and countryside podcast. Their cinematically sumptuous films and thought provoking podcasts have a cult following and highlight what being a hunter means in the modern world.


We caught up with them earlier this week for a quick chat between podcast recordings and packing for another adventure in New Zealand!

  1. You’ve both been attending the GWCT Scottish Game Fair for years! What’s your favourite experience or memory of the Fair?

For us it has been a show we have barely missed a year since being kids. That probably makes more than 20 years now. In terms of experience, for us it is the social aspect as much as it is about the events going on. 

  1. You work with the world’s most exciting brands – where is the strangest place this has taken you?

Maybe not strangest, but most unique would be last year’s trip to Nepal, filming up to 17,000ft. It was so far removed from the environments we are used to working in; it will forever sit as a highlight.

  1. What inspired your love of hunting?

This is pretty simple. The seed was sown by our father. Further kindled by our own family history. Beyond this, it has been a love of adventure, wildlife and wild food which has driven much of what we do.

  1. You’re keen conservationists – what are your favourite quarry species?

If I had to pick a bird, it would be the woodcock. Fascinating, beautiful, and great to eat, I think today that species showcases how much care we need to take with the animals we hunt, and those we don’t.

  1. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 30th Anniversary Fair – what can people expect when they come to see you on Activity Row?

We will have a big canvas tepee tent for people to come and catch up. Coffee will be on for the entire weekend. All of our merchandise will be available, and the only stock of Modern Huntsman in the country. We are most looking forward to catching up with people, and meeting new like-minded country folk. We will also have some prize giveaways over the weekend to be announced on social media.

Enjoy their most recent podcast where they bring you all the speeches from the DNA Film Festival from Byron Pace, David CP, Devan Delange, Sam Thompson with the theme ‘the future of hunting’. You will also have the chance to win a pair of tickets for the GWCT Scottish Game Fair through one of their social media competitions.