Exhibitors & Activities

Exhibitors & Activities

2019 Traders2019 Food Hall

The GWCT Scottish Game Fair has revealed a lineup of exciting and varied exhibitors and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Visitors will be spoilt for choice with unrivalled access to some of the country’s finest crafts and clothing, activities and advisory stands. 

Shop & Drop

Once again we will be offering a Shop and Drop service at the Fair, kindly Sponsored by Bidwells, so shoppers can safely leave their purchases in a tent manned by volunteers from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, who will again be running our car park shuttle buggy service. 

2019 Exhibitors 

Stand number: O6
Email: rebelgd@icloud.com
Visit: www.rebelgd.com

A Hume Country Clothing & Dubarry of Ireland
Stand number: PA3
Tel: 01573 224620
Email: enquiries@ahume.co.uk
Visit: www.ahume.co.uk

Stand number: P15
Tel: 07775 585387
Email: helen@buckandbirch.com
Visit: www.aelderelixir.com

Almost Unwearoutable
Stand number: O11
Tel: 0844 504 4054
Email: lucy@almostunwearoutable.com
Visit: www.almostunwearoutable.com

Barking Mad Dog Care
Stand number: GK29
Tel: 0748 114 3203
Email: matt.warder@barkingmad.uk.com
Visit: www.barkingmad.uk.com

Stand number: PA1
Tel: 01738 494133
Email: katie.smith@bidwells.co.uk
Visit: www.bidwells.co.uk

Birchwood Leather
Stand number: P4
Tel: 01925 481162
Email: info@birchwoodleather.co.uk
Visit: www.birchwoodleather.co.uk

Birken Tree

Stand number: FH
Tel: 07713 009925
Email: birkentree@gmail.com
Visit: www.birkentree.co.uk

Stand number: F36
Tel: 01312 400916
Email: hamish.wilson@bonhams.com

Brenwood Motor Company

Stand number: GR2
Tel: 00592 655550
Email: jlp@brenwood.co.uk
Visit: www.brenwood.co.uk

Brewin Dolphin
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 07984 026064
Email: hazel.eccles@ti-media.com

Broadford Crafts
Stand number: P11
Tel: 07533 339381
Email: lindaarmstrong1101@gmail.com
Visit: www.broadfordcrafts.co.uk

Cairngorm Gifts
Stand No: PA5
Tel: 01250 881442
Email: cairngormgifts@gmail.com
Visit: www.cairngormgifts.com

Caledonia Play
Stand No: D6
Tel: 01577 840570
Email: info@caledoniaplay.com
Visit: www.caledoniaplay.com

Campbells of Beauly
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 07902 180668
Email: john@campbellsofbeauly.com
Visit: www.campbellsofbeauly.com

Carbon Dynamic (Scotland) Limited
Stand number: E2
Tel: 01349 882377
Email: info@carbondynamic.com
Visit: www.carbondynamic.com

Chiropractic Life Health & Wellness
Stand number: S23
Tel: 01738 633811
Email: liz@chiro-life.co.uk
Visit: www.chiro-life.co.uk

Cluny Country Store
Stand number: G64
Tel: 01592 882600
Email: robin@clunystore.co.uk
Visit: www.clunystore.co.uk

Continuum (Financial Services) LLP
Stand number: S7
Tel: 01764 650399
Email: charles@mycontinuum.co.uk
Visit: www.mycontinuum.co.uk

Covell Retailing Ltd t/a Breeze
Stand number: O23
Tel: 01721 725800
Email: bob.corsie@covellsolutions.co.uk
Visit: www.breeze-gallery.co.uk

David Cemmick Art
Stand number: O7
Tel:  07900 806045
Email: dcemmick@yahoo.co.uk
Visit: www.davidcemmickart.com

Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 08456 048350
Email: info@demijohn.co.uk
Visit: www.demijohn.co.uk

Stand No: 3D2D
Tel: 07766 825974
Email: artisansilverdk@googlemail.com
Visit: www.dksilver.uk

Stand No: PA13
Tel: 01542 880478
Email: info@dogrobes.co.uk
Visit: www.dogrobes.co.uk

DT Boxes
Stand number: GK19
Tel: 02838 356600
Email: accounts@plasticpromotions.co.uk
Visit: www.dtboxes.co.uk

Dubarry of Ireland
Stand number: PA3
Tel: 01573 224620
Email: enquiries@ahume.co.uk
Visit: www.ahume.co.uk

Edinburgh Watch Company Ltd
Stand number: G54
Tel: 07765 896896
Email: info@edinburghwatchcompany.co.uk
Visit: www.edinburghwatchcompany.co.uk

Elm of Burford
Stand number: D4
Tel: 01993 824004
Email: paul@elmofburford.com
Visit: www.elmofburford.com

Engine 710
Stand number: D15
Tel: 0131 331 2810
Email: idoug@engine710.com
Visit: www.engine710.com

Fortis Clothing
Stand number: G14
Tel: 01297 442180
Email: info@fortisclothing.co.uk
Visit: www.fortisclothing.co.uk

Furness Fish & Game
Stand No: FH
Tel: 01539 559544
Email: furnessfish@yahoo.com
Visit: www.morcambebayshrimps.com

Gilbertson & Page Limited
Stand number: P18
Tel: 01765 688025
Email: david.watson@gilpa.co.uk
Visit: www.gilpa.co.uk

Glenalmond College
Stand number: D5
Tel: 01738 842025
Email: emilydavies@glenalmondcollege.co.uk
Visit: www.glenalmondcollege.co.uk

Graham Mackinlay & Co
Stand number: G38
Tel: 01389 751122
Email: enquiries@gmackinlay.com
Visit: www.gmackinlay.com

Gray & Adams Limited
Stand number: GK18
Tel: 01346 586820
Email: john.burnett@gray-adams.com
Visit: www.gray-adams.com

Guns on Pegs
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 02074 911363
Email:  theteam@gunsonpegs.com
Visit: www.gunsonpegs.com

Hayward & Stott Ltd
Stand number: S18
Tel: 0131 455 3823
Email: info@scottishsilver.com
Visit: www.haywardandstott.com

Help for Heroes
Stand number: D5
Tel: 0300 303 9888
Email: robert.colgrave@helpforheroes.org.uk
Visit: www.helpforheroes.org.uk

Highland Hog Roast
Stand number: FO:F
Tel: 0791 7003204
Email: annfalconer@aol.com
Visit: www.highlandhogroasts.co.uk

Highwater (Scotland) Ltd
Stand No: PA16
Tel: 01786 630220
Email: richard.innes@highwaterscotland.co.uk
Visit: www.highwaterscotland.co.uk

iKamper UK Ltd
Stand number: D11
Tel: 07757 012059
Email: sales@ikamper.uk.com
Visit: www.ikamper.uk.com

Isuzu (UK) Ltd
Stand number: S25
Tel: 03303 335 122
Email: ataylor@isuzu.co.uk
Visit: www.isuzu.co.uk

Jayley Collection
Stand number: D16
Tel: 01782 642534
Email: alastair.candlish@ubigroup.org
Visit: www.jayley.com

Kings Camps
Stand number: A4
Tel: 07586 801005
Email: george.richardson@kingsfoundation.org
Visit: www.kingscamps.org

Kinrara Distillery
Stand number: FH
Tel: 07866 262083
Email: david.thomson@kinraradistillery.com
Visit: www.kinraradistillery.com

Kronch Ltd
Stand number: P6
Tel: 01953 883701
Email: sales@kronch.co.uk
Visit: kronch.co.uk

Lexus Edinburgh
Stand number: O4
Tel: 0131 3356543
Email: sgammie@lexusedinburgh.co.uk
Visit: www.lexusscotland.co.uk

Lindores Abbey Distillery
Stand number: S19
Tel: 1337842547
Email: katie@lindoresabbeydistillery.com
Visit: www.lindoresabbeydistillery.com

Loch Ness Leather
Stand number: D13
Tel: 01479 841486
Email: hello@lochnessleather.co.uk
Visit: www.lochnessleather.co.uk

Loch Rannoch Highland Club
Stand number: S20
Tel: 01796 471850
Email: rebecca@lochrannochhighlandclub.co.uk
Visit: www.lochrannochhighlandclub.co.uk

Stand number: E8
Tel: 01389 734572
Email: austin@logspan.com
Visit: www.logspan.com

Love Diva Boutique
Stand Number: S21
Tel: 07450 446638
Email: contact@lovedivaboutique.com
Visit: www.lovedivaboutique.com

Margaret Morrison Ltd
Stand number: O31
Tel: 01738 630103
Email: sales@morrison-sporrans.co.uk
Visit: www.morrison-sporrans.co.uk

Stand number: S3
Tel: 0141 810 2880
Email: magda@mctears.co.uk
Visit: www.mctears.co.uk

Monarch K9 Fabrications
Stand number: P29
Tel: 01740 469235
Email: info@monarchfabrications.co.uk
Visit: www.monarchfabrications.co.uk

Monty Lewis
Stand number: O14
Tel: 07823 328297
Email: monty@montylewis.uk
Visit: www.montylewis.uk

Mourne Outdoor Clothing
Stand number: GK31
Tel: 02830 832982
Email: mourneoutdoorclothing@gmail.com
Visit: www.mourneoutdoorclothing.com

Mucki Mutz Dog Wear
Stand number: GK26
Tel: 01324 831994
Email: karenmorrissey@muckimutz.com
Visit: www.muckimutz.com

Olivia Tullett®
Stand number: G23
Tel: 01789 297893
Email: info@oliviatullett.co.uk
Visit: www.oliviatullett.co.uk

Ostrich 2 Love
Stand No: S16
Tel: 01780 481334
Email: isarahsharpley@hotmail.co.uk
Visit: www.ostrich2love.co.uk

Perthshire Preserves
Stand number: FH
Tel: 017864 450455
Email: info@perthshirepreserves.co.uk
Visit: www.perthshirepreserves.co.uk

Stand number: GK5
Tel: 07960 106100
Email: steven@petagenics.co.uk
Visit: www.petagenics.co.uk

Plugzz Custom Hearing Protection
Stand number: G16
Tel: 01642 777725
Email: info@plugzz.co.uk
Visit: www.plugzz.co.uk

Possum Merino
Stand number: S10
Tel: 01488 668938
Email: heather@possummerino.co.uk
Visit: www.possummerino.co.uk

Stand number: G40
Tel: 1513272220
Email: info@promatic.co.uk
Visit: www.promatic.co.uk

Rattray ATV LTD
Stand number: F20
Tel: 01764 664994
Email: soniaratt@btconnect.com
Visit: www.rattrayatv.co.uk

Stand number: 3d2D
Tel: 0754 2633744
Email: writing@inbox.com
Visit: www.realpebble.co.uk

RGC Services
Stand number: F34
Tel: 01856 877229
Email: rcgservices@live.co.uk
Visit: www.orkneygrpboats.co.uk

Scotia Cabins
Stand number: Eagle 10
Tel: 01738 850203
Email: info@scotiacabins.co.uk
Visit: www.scotiacabins.co.uk

Scottie Products
Stand number: FFM
Email: peter@pwwdesigns.co.uk
Visit: www.scottieproducts.co.uk

Scottish Woodlands Ltd
Stand number: W2
Tel: 0131 451 2607
Email: jean.nairn@scottishwoodlands.co.uk
Visit: www.scottishwoodlands.co.uk

Settlers Stores
Stand number: S9
Tel: 01373 455044
Email: zara@settlersstores.co.uk
Visit: www.settlersstores.co.uk

Screaming Peacock
Stand number: FO:YY
Tel: 07896 210168
Email: guy@screamingpeacock.co.uk
Visit: www.screamingpeacock.co.uk

Stoney Creek
Stand number: F13
Tel: 006475 411557
Email: brooke@stoneycreekhunting.com
Visit: www.stoneycreekhunting.com

Subaru (UK) Ltd
Stand number: V1
Tel: 0330 333 5133
Email: ataylor@imgroup.co.uk
Visit: www.subaru.co.uk

T/A Timbercroc
Stand number: P32
Tel: 0469 549033
Email: des@timbercroc.com
Visit: www.timbercroc.com

The Borders Distillery
Stand number: O1
Tel: 01450 374330
Email: john.fordyce@thethreestillscompany
Visit: www.theborderdistillery.com

The British Deer Society
Stand No: G22
Tel: 01425 655434
Email: h.q@bds.org.uk
Visit: www.bds.org.uk

The Burning Question (Perth) Ltd
Stand number: O37
Tel: 01738 633113
Email: sales@burningquestion.co.uk
Visit: www.burningquestion.co.uk

The Edinburgh Table Company
Stand number: S2
Tel: 01750 725870
Email: info@edinburghtablecompany.co.uk
Visit: www.edinburghtablecompany.co.uk

The Glenturret Distillery
Stand number: FH
Tel: 01764 656565
Email: karen.galpin@edrington.com
Visit: www.theglenturret.com

The Marshmallow Lady
Stand number: FH
Tel: 017843 699790
Email: burghbakes@gmail.com
Visit: www.burghbakes

The Newport Bakery
Stand number: FH
Tel: 01382 541449
Email: contact@thenewportrestaurant.co.uk
Visit: www.thenewportrestaurant.co.uk

The Oro Distilling Co
Stand number: E6
Tel: 01387 840381
Email: ray@theorogin.com
Visit: www.orogin.co.uk

Unique in Glass
Stand number: 3D2D
Tel: 01697 746001
Email: info@uniqueglass.com
Visit: www.uniqueinglass.com

Urchin Clothing
Stand number: D10
Tel: 01858 540172
Email: maverickgroupltd@gmail.com
Visit: www.urchinclothing.co.uk

Stand number: G11
Tel: 02087 807922
Email: clare.armitage@vikingcruises.com
Visit: www.vikingcruises.co.uk

Stand number: F2
Tel: 0161 8504880
Email: sales@wellies.com
Visit: www.wellies.com

Stand number: 3D2D
Tel: 01333 312579
Email: jen@wooltide.com
Visit: www.wooltide.com

Yorkshire Clothing Company
Stand number: P1
Tel: 01377 337153
Email: paul.nichols@live.co.uk
Visit: www.rydale.com

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