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2019 Exhibitors

The GWCT Scottish Game Fair offers unrivalled access to some of the country’s finest crafts, clothing, equipment and sporting goods. In 2018 nearly 500 exhibitors attended from the world of fishing, shooting, gundogs, game-keeping and land management. The show had a fantastic showcase of food, drink and fashion ensuring there’s something for everyone from quality interior goods for the home to tweed, wool and outdoor clothing as well as specialist equipment for farms and estates. 
If you would like to take part in our 2019 Game Fair please get in touch at info@scottishgamefair.com 

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In 2018 Fisherman’s Row was further developed and leads from the main ring down to the banks of the River Tay and the centre of fishing activity where we welcome thousands of anglers each year. 

Along with those traders supplying the gamekeeper, fisherman, farmer or conservationist you’ll also find everything from real ale to silk clothing.

Shop & Drop

Once again we will be offering a Shop and Drop service at the Fair so shoppers can safely leave their purchases in a tent manned by volunteers from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, who will again be running our car park shuttle buggy service. We look forward to working with SCAA again in 2018.

2018 exhibitors

A Hume Country Clothing & Dubarry of Ireland
Stand number: PA3
Tel: 01573 224620
Email: judy.potts@ahume.co.uk
Visit: www.ahume.co.uk

Angling Ireland
Stand number: F29
Tel: 02890 569475
Email: john.blair@daera-ni.gov.uk
Visit: www.nidirect.gov.uk/angling

Bell Ingram LLP
Stand number: G13
Tel: 01738 621 121
Email: sue.johnston@bellingram.co.uk
Visit: www.bellingram.co.uk

Birchwood Leather
Stand number: P4
Tel: 01925 481162
Email: info@birchwoodleather.co.uk
Visit: www.birchwoodleather.co.uk

Bonhams International Auctioneers & Valuers
Stand number: F36
Tel: 1312400916
Email: hamish.wilson@bonhams.com
Visit: www.bonhams.com

Brewin Dolphin Limited
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 01892 871011 or 020 3201 3344
Email: alison.tait@brewin.co.uk
Visit: www.brewin.co.uk

Brigston & Co
Stand number: FO:XX
Tel: 01556 690226
Email: info@brigston.co.uk
Visit: www.brigston.co.uk

Stand number: D21
Tel: 01738 787044
Email: sheila@mandmwhisky.co.uk
Visit: www.mandmwhisky.co.uk

Cadac UK
Stand number: H4
Tel: 3332000363
Email: info@cadacuk.com
Visit: www.cadac.uk.com

Caledonia Play
Stand number: D6
Tel: 01577 840570
Email: info@caledoniaplay.com
Visit: www.caledoniaplay.com

Chevron Hackles
Stand No: FFM
Tel: 01363 760090
Email: chevronhackles@yahoo.co.uk
Visit: www.chevronhackles.com

Stand No: PA16a
Tel: 0845 3452627
Email: Sliptrott@dodsonandhorrell.com
Visit: www.chudleys.com

Clarendon Planning & Development Limited
Stand number: S2
Tel: 1312972320
Email: pwatson@clarendonpd.co.uk
Visit: www.clarendonpd.co.uk

Clark Thomson Insurance Brokers
Stand number: O16
Tel: 7507892123
Email: mstrachan@clarkthomson.co.uk
Visit: www.clarkthomson.co.uk

Clootie McToot Traditional Dumplings
Stand number: FH
Tel: 1738851031
Email: mhavebury@icloud.com
Visit: www.clootiemctootdumplings.com

Club Holiday Homes – Scone Palace Caravan Park
Stand number: GR3
Tel: 1738552300
Email: chh.enquiries@campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk
Visit: www.clubholidayhomes.co.uk

Cluny Country Guns & Optics
Stand number: G62
Tel: 01592 882600
Email: robin@clunystore.co.uk
Visit: www.clunystore.co.uk

Collared Creatures
Stand number: D23
Tel: 01405 869136
Email: info@collaredcreatures.com
Visit: www.collaredcreatures.com

Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 1313 332288
Email: james@jamesgammellgroup.com
Visit: www.conifox.co.uk

Country Fox Interiors Ltd
Stand number: P21
Tel: 01609 761044
Email: foxy1706@gmail.com

David Cemmick Art
Stand No: O7
Tel: 7900806045
Email: dcemmick@yahoo.co.uk
Visit: www.davidcemmickart.com

Dawn Maciocia
Stand No: 3D2D
Tel: 01592 769690
Email: dawndm@mdmcreations.co.uk
Visit: www.dawnmaciocia.com

Stand number: O1
Tel: 8456048350
Email: info@demijohn.co.uk
Visit: www.demijohn.co.uk

Dixie Doodles
Stand number: P8
Tel: 1786595001
Email: info@dixiedoodles.co.uk

Dog Transport Boxes
Stand number: GK21
Tel: 2838356600
Email: mark@plasticpromotions.co.uk
Visit: www.dogtransportbox.com

Dogrobes Ltd
Stand number: PA13
Tel: 01542 880478
Email: info@dogrobes.co.uk
Visit: www.dogrobes.co.uk

Doyle Sports
Stand number: G50
Tel: 1260279964
Email: doyle.john@btconnect.com
Visit: www.doylesports.co.uk

DS Automobiles – Arnold Clark Stirling
Stand No: G21
Tel: 1480277188
Email: rheanna.marshall@dhl.com
Visit: www.arnoldclark.com/ds

Dundarave Estate
Stand number: P5
Tel: 2894422413
Email: jenny.adams@randox.com
Visit: www.dundaraveestate.com

Edinburgh Watch Company
Stand number: S13
Tel: 0131 564 0024/ 07765 896896
Email: Info@edinburghwatchcompany.co.uk
Visit: www.edinburghwatchcompany.co.uk

Eileen Gatt
Stand number: S14
Tel: 1463239546
Email: hello@eileengatt.co.uk
Visit: www.eileengatt.co.uk

Engine 710
Stand number: D17
Tel: 0131 331 2810
Email: doug@engine710.com
Visit: www.engine710.com

Gibson & Birkbeck
Stand number: PA8
Tel: 1738582267
Email: help@gibsonandbirkbeck.co.uk
Visit: www.gibsonandbirkbeck.co.uk

Gin Bothy
Stand number: FH
Tel: 1575570111
Email: Info@ginbothy.co.uk

Glenalmond College
Stand number: D5
Tel: 01738 842000
Email: louisenowell@glenalmondcollege.co.uk
Visit: www.glenalmondcollege.co.uk

Glenalmond Tweed Co Ltd
Stand number: S12
Tel: 1738880322
Email: andrewbstjohn@hotmail.com
Visit: www.glenalmond.com

Graham Mackinlay & Co
Stand No: G38
Tel: 01389 751122
Email: enquiries@gmackinlay.com
Visit: www.gmackinlay.com

Gray & Adams Ltd
Stand number: GK22
Tel: 01346 586820
Email: john.burnett@gray-adams.com

Heather McDermott Jewellery
Stand number: S14
Tel: 7515432039
Email: enquiries@heathermcdermott.co.uk
Visit: www.heathermcdermott.co.uk

iKamper UK Ltd
Stand number: GK35
Email: sales@ikamper.uk.com
Visit: www.ikamper.uk.com

Isuzu (UK) Ltd
Stand number: S25
Tel: 0121 747 4000
Email: info@isuzu.co.uk
Visit: www.isuzu.co.uk

Jack Straws Baskets
Stand number: F6
Tel: 07917005619
Email: info@jackstrawsbaskets.com
Visit: www.jackstrawsbaskets.com

JML Garden Rooms
Stand number: O6a
Tel: 01874 663271
Email: katie@jmlcontracts.co.uk
Visit: www.jmlgardenrooms.co.uk

John Dickson & Son
Stand number: G34
Tel: 01350 728763
Email: dunkeld@john-dickson.com
Visit: www.john-dickson.com

Karen Fawcett Studios
Stand number: D13
Tel: 1697322821
Email: davefawcett@live.co.uk
Visit: www.kfstudios.co.uk

Katherine Partis Ltd
Stand number: O37
Tel: 7784501425
Email: katherine@katherinepartis.co.uk
Visit: www.katherinepartis.com

Lindores Abbey Distillery
Stand number: S19
Tel: 1337842547
Email: claire@lindoresabbeydistillery.com
Visit: www.lindoresabbeydistillery.com

Lindsay Burns & Company Auctioneers and Valuers
Stand number: P3
Tel: 01738 633888
Email: mail@lindsayburns.co.uk
Visit: www.lindsayburns.co.uk

Stand number: P34
Tel: 01389 734572
Email: austin@logspan.com
Visit: www.logspan.com

Mark Gemmell Photography
Stand number: 3D2D
Tel: 7948255469
Email: gemmell.mark@gmail.com
Visit: www.markgemmell.com

Mary Ann Rogers
Stand Number: O47
Tel: 01434 270216
Email: info@marogers.com
Visit: www.marogers.com

Stand number: S3
Tel: 7584237660
Email: magda@mctears.co.uk
Visit: www.mctears.co.uk

Midlands Clothing Limited
Stand number: D25
Tel: 7976363102
Email: Inderjit@midlandsclothing.com
Visit: www.midlandsclothing.com

NFU Mutual
Stand number: PA2
Tel: 0141 2272807
Email: kirsty_simpson@nfumutual.co.uk
Visit: www.nfumutual.co.uk

Night Master
Stand number: G7
Tel: 01535 611688
Email: tony@nightmaster.co.uk
Visit: www.nightmaster.co.uk

Stand number: G69
Tel: 7736255100
Email: sales@nomaduk.net
Visit: www.nomaduk.biz

Ogilvy Spirits
Stand number: FH
Tel: 7921669921
Email: carolinebruce@ogilvyspirits.com
Visit: www.ogilvyspirits.com

Ostrich 2 Love
Stand number: S15
Tel: 7966183870
Email: sarahsharpley@hotmail.co.uk
Visit: www.ostrich2love.co.uk

Stand number: PA17
Tel: 0800 028 4325
Email: aisling.oleary@pacdog.com
Visit: www.pacdog.co.uk

Parkers Cufflinks
Stand No: PA7a
Tel: 01420 562550
Email: info@parkerscufflinks.co.uk
Visit: www.parkerscufflinks.co.uk

Peatland ACTION (SNH)
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 01738 444177
Email: PeatlandACTION@snh.gov.uk
Visit: www.nature.scot/peatlandaction

Peter Stunt
Stand number: F4
Tel: 7768292007
Email: nick@peterstunt.co.uk
Visit: www.peterstunt.co.uk

Plugzz Custom Hearing Protection
Stand number: G8
Tel: 01642 777725
Email: info@plugzz.co.uk
Visit: www.plugzz.co.uk

Stand number: G40
Tel: 1513272220
Email: claresmith@promatic.co.uk
Visit: www.promatic.co.uk

Stand number: PA9
Tel: 01274 597431
Email: jon@charleswall.co.uk
Visit: www.ratcatcheruk.com

Rattray ATV LTD
Stand number: F18
Tel: 1764664994
Email: soniaratt@btconnect.com
Visit: www.rattrayatv.co.uk

RGC Services
Stand number: F32
Tel: 1856877229
Email: rgcservices@live.co.uk
Visit: www.orkneygrpboats.co.uk

Richard Lawson Mitsubishi
Stand number: GR5
Tel: 1382477992
Email: laura.cranfield@autoecosse.com
Visit: www.autoecosse.com

Robert Graham 1874
Stand number: GWCT
Tel: 447976082510
Email: steve@robertgraham1874.com
Visit: www.robertgraham1874.com

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
Stand number: ACTIVITY
Tel: 1313140335
Email: wildaboutscotland@rzss.org.uk
Visit: www.rzss.org.uk

RTS Forestry
Stand number: W4
Tel: 7867454235
Email: veronica.llorente@rts.ltd.uk
Visit: www.rtsforestry.co.uk

Sage of Stirling
Stand number: G31
Tel: 1786469726
Email: ajane.hamilton@tiscali.co.uk
Visit: sagebythecastle.blogspot.co.uk

Samantha Holmes Alpaca
Stand number: S15
Tel: 441436676777
Email: mail@samanthaholmes.com
Visit: www.samanthaholmes.com

Scots-Furion Shepherd Huts
Stand number: GK29
Tel: 7733177313
Email: scotsfurion@gmail.com
Visit: www.scotsfurionshepherdhuts.com

Scottish Cottages
Stand number: P19
Tel: 01786 815974
Email: vivienne.duncan@cottages.com
Visit: www.scottish-cottages.co.uk

Scottish Field Magazine
Stand number: S1
Tel: 1315517936
Email: lclark@scottishfield.co.uk
Visit: www.scottishfield.co.uk

Scottish Woodlands Ltd
Stand number: W2
Tel: 0131 451 2607
Email: enquiries@scottishwoodlands.co.uk
Visit: www.scottishwoodlands.co.uk

Sibbisilver and Suzanne MacKenzie stained glass
Stand number: 3D2D
Tel: 7847713505
Email: Sibbi@sibbisilver.co.uk and susimac41@gmail.com
Visit: www.sibbisilver.co.uk

Stand No: FFM
Tel: 7976591717
Email: simon@simbarods.com
Visit: www.simbarods.com

Skinner’s Pet Foods
Stand number: PA15
Tel: 01379 384247
Email: maisie@skinners.co.uk
Visit: www.skinnerspetfoods.co.uk

SongBird Survival
Stand number: G29
Tel: 1379641715
Email: george@songbird-survival.org.uk
Visit: www.songbird-survival.org.uk

Specialist Cars Nissan
Stand number: F7
Tel: 01224 336877
Email: linsey.cumming@john-clark.co.uk
Visit: www.john-clark.co.uk/nissan

Stately Albion Ltd
Stand number: GR1
Tel: 1495244472
Email: ray.currie@stately-albion.co.uk
Visit: www.stately-albion.co.uk

Strathmore Volvo
Stand No: GR5
Tel: 01738 62156
Email: norman.leishman@strathmoreonline.co.uk
Visit: www.volvocarsperth.co.uk

Subaru (UK) Ltd
Stand number: V1
Tel: 0330 333 5133
Email: info@subaru.co.uk
Visit: www.subaru.co.uk

The British Deer Society
Stand number: G24
Tel: 01425 655434 or 01337 860824
Email: h.q@bds.org.uk
Visit: www.bds.org.uk

The Double A Trading Company Ltd
Stand number: D22
Tel: 01334 657602
Email: aileen@doublea.co.uk
Visit: www.doublea.co.uk

The Shooting Sock Company
Stand number: O8
Tel: 1568760101
Email: lucy@webury.com
Visit: www.shootingsocks.co.uk

Travel by Knight
Stand number: S23
Tel: 7731307262
Email: info@travelbyknight.co.uk
Visit: www.slumberbus.com

Tuffies Dog Beds
Stand number: P25
Tel: 01888 563288
Email: sales@tuffies.co.uk
Visit: www.tuffies.co.uk

Urchin Clothing
Stand number: D16
Tel: 1858540172
Email: urchinclothing@gmail.com
Visit: www.urchinclothing.co.uk

Yorkshire Clothing Company
Stand number: P1
Tel: 01377 337153
Email: paul.nichols@live.co.uk
Visit: www.rydale.com

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