Coulters sponsors one of Scottish Game Fair’s liveliest events

One of the Scottish Game Fair’s liveliest and most popular events, terrier racing, is being sponsored for the first time by Coulters Legal LLP, the Edinburgh based Solicitor firm.

The Edinburgh-based firm, an independent firm of Solicitors specialising in highly individualised purchase and sale advice in country and town, is backing the battle of the terriers which takes place over the three days of the Scottish Game Fair on July 5-7.

A favourite with participants and spectators, the event makes for exciting, amusing watching as all sorts of breeds of terrier compete for speed. It takes place twice a day for the three days of the event.

Alastair Shepherd, a partner with Coulters, said:

“Coulters is proud to be sponsoring the terrier racing, one of the favourite events of the Scottish Game Fair. Just like the terriers taking part, Coulters moves quickly and smartly to get the best results for our clients when they’re buying or selling a home. As the owner of Border Terriers myself, I hope to be directly participating over the Game Fair weekend.  We’re delighted to be backing the Fair and look forward to a great year of competition.”

Hugo Straker, Chairman of the Scottish Game Fair, said:

“We’re thrilled to have Coulters sponsor our terrier racing. It’s always a favourite for visitors, and a great chance to pit some of the most tenacious of dog breeds against one another in a lively race.”

The Scottish Game Fair is a three-day extravaganza celebrating all things conservation and countryside. Proceeds go to fund the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Scotland’s charitable work in Scotland.