Fisherman’s Row welcomes thousands of anglers to the banks of the Tay every year.

As well as the favourite attractions, there is a Fly Fishing Village dedicated to the sport.

The layout on Fisherman’s Row has been developed to include the fishing village, offering a more open outlook to the river where you can enjoy refreshments by the river, the Fly Casting competitions and demonstration podiums.

What’s On

Fly Tying Marquee

This year for the first time there will be a dedicated fly tying area with some of the country’s finest tiers. They will be able to demonstrate any style of fly between them.

Flies demonstrated will be varied from Clyde Style, Dry flies, Wet Flies and Nymphs along with Lures for trout fishing.   Salmon flies will include fully dressed and hair winged flies.

There will be other tiers able to demonstrate flies for sea fishing and pike lures.

An ideal opportunity to get along ask questions and clear up any technical issues that you may have.

Casting Clinic

Our team of professional qualified Game Angling Instructors and Coaches will be on hand through-out the day to revise the more experienced casters and teach those just starting out in Game Angling. This will allow you to cast a fly safely and with confidence or help you iron out those existing casting problems.

Casting Clinics and Instruction will be available daily from 10am until 4pm. Instruction is available for both single handed and double handed casting. All instruction will be given by registered casting instructors and open to all. Minimum age limit is 12 years of age. Sessions will last for 20 mins and registration must be made at Fishing Control.

The cost will be £5 per session.

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Fly Casting Demos

Demonstrations will run between 11.00AM through to 15.00PM daily, (14.45PM on Sunday).
Glenda Powell will deliver daily “Double Handed Casting in Simple Terms”.
Scott Mackenzie will deliver daily a “The A to Z of casting and improving technique”
Andrew Toft will take us through “Spey Casting Techniques and gaining more distance” daily with Basic to advanced Fly-Casting Skills.
“Fish-X Pike fishing technics” with Stuart Sutherland


Fishing Competitions

Trout Fly Distance:
Adult male and female casters
Junior Male and female

Trout Fly Accuracy:
Adult male and female casters
Junior Male and female

The Kinross Activity Centre Open Distance Competition:
Saturday, open to all categories
Competitions will run daily from 10am until 4pm the latest registration will be 3.45pm. Entries will cost £5 per entry and category.

Registration will take place in Fishing Control

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Previous Fishing Competition Results

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