A revolution in Garden Rooms


Revolution Garden Rooms, exhibiting for the first time at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair next month, is a family firm with a concept inspired by running a business from a busy home and the practicality issues associated with it.

Headed up by Eric and Sheila Ferguson, the first garden room was completed at their own Perth home during the first 2020 lockdown. Not surprisingly, though, there was undoubtedly a sense of apprehension in starting a business during such uncertain times.

However, it quickly became clear that the initial concept and own home office issues were becoming “the new normal” as people are needing more space to separate their home from their workspace.
With over 30 years’ experience in the construction and renovation of homes, log cabins throughout the country, the family behind Revolution Garden Rooms is now specialising in creating bespoke spaces.

Since building that first garden room in 2020, the team has completed pottery, jewellery, and cabinet making workshops; a fully plumbed hairdresser salon, home offices, annexes, reading rooms and, most recently, a bar!

Revolution Garden Rooms prides itself on meeting the client’s needs every time with bespoke solutions to suit each unique landscape.  Currently it is working with its design team on an offset two-tier garden room for a client with a steep embankment within their garden.

Sheila said: “Due to personal values, it was clear from the beginning that sustainability was going to play a key role in how the garden rooms are designed and constructed.”

By using ground screws to cut the carbon (CO²) emissions associated with conventional concrete foundations, Revolution Garden Rooms can also set foundations in four to five hours without any of the mess associated with digging or ground clearance, no heavy and noisy machinery disturbing the local area (including neighbours).

Additionally, the garden rooms’ roofing utilises an extremely durable synthetic roofing membrane with a successful track record boasting a guarantee of up to 30 years. This creates a sustainable alternative to the conventional felt roofing.

Sheila added: “The cladding we use is a timber harvested from New Zealand’s highly renewable Radiata Pine forests. Unlike most other pine cladding, this timber is thermally modified and does not use the harsh chemicals associated with many other wood treatments.

“It is this process that allows the timber to stand the test of time with a coat of natural oil during before construction so our rooms remain weather repellent and beautiful, without silvering, for many years to come.

“As a company we also know that our clients time is valuable, which is why we utilise a SIPS panelling technique. This means that the majority of the build is done offsite and can be assembled on site, with our aim being to have the keys handed and product fully finished within six to eight weeks.”