Terriers & Ferreting

Terriers & Ferrets

Terrier Racing

Does your dog have the need for speed? Twice a day we invite visitors to register their faithful friends for the race of their careers. Sometimes exhilarating, always amusing, entry is open to all breeds, though terriers’ natural tenacity and desire to chase gives them a certain advantage. So come along and join the fun; this could be your dog’s big moment!


Simon Whitehead and his Pakefield ferrets will be demonstrating the traditional craft of ferreting in the arena next to his stand in the Activities Area. On the stand there are netmakers illustrating their skill of knitting nets whilst Simon will be on hand to talk about what he does for a living: rabbiting.

A raconteur of some repute, Simon demonstrates and educates about his traditional craft to show why the Pakefield Ferrets’ pledge to ensure the tradition of ferreting is continued for further generations is still relevant, even in the face of technological advancements.




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