We will be working with Birds of Prey Displays for our 2018 event. You can visit the magnificent and rare birds on their stand throughout the Fair, and twice a day you can see the birds put through their paces in the Main Ring. 

Birds of Prey Displays strive to offer something very different from your typical flying falconry display, concentrating on the natural behaviour of our magnificent birds, and show them doing what they do best – flying free – in the most natural displays of their kind.

Ben and his team will be flying on all three days, including Rupert the Stellar’s sea eagle, Thelma the hooded vulture, Arthur the white headed vulture, Camillia the Stellar’s sea eagle, Barry the bald eagle, and not forgetting Betty the Ruppel’s griff on vulture.

Birds of Prey Displays own extremely knowledgeable and passionate experts will be available on their stand throughout the Fair and can be found on Falconry Mews.  





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