Artists in Action

Visit the Artists in Action tent at the GWCT Stand to see some of the best wildlife artists – all inspired by Scotland’s natural glory – working and discussing their art.

Justin Prigmore is passionate about the opportunity that art presents in helping raise our consciousness of the struggle currently faced by nature. An ecologist and conservationist, through his art he has developed a strong reputation for powerful and inspirational portrayals of the natural world.

Large scale oil paintings are the result of dedicated research, a unique vision and years of experience in the field. His original artwork is filled with drama and passion that Justin breathes into every new work: he is committed to getting it right, a feeling that can only come from knowing your subjects well.

He sees his role as a chronicler of the wild places and species with which we share this planet and has travelled extensively. Justin now lives and works in the Cairngorms and his recent works depict the wonderful wildlife he finds there, from deer to black grouse and capercaillie.

Justin is joined by other three artists whose diverse styles and techniques make the Artist in Action tent a fascinating place to spend some time.

Guy Allen’s superb artworks involve etching, aquatint, screenprint and lithography, while David Cemmick’s early training as a taxidermist gave him a thorough understanding of animal anatomy, which has proved invaluable to his work as a painter and sculptor. From her East Linton farmhouse, Helen Gray uses vibrant colours and strong contrasts to bring a contemporary twist to her artwork.




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