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2017 Shooting


Clay Shooting

The Clay Shooting area offers the opportunity for all abilities to take part. Organised by "Pentangle Shooting Services". Sporting layout designed and set up by Eddy Buchan and Stuart Ogston. Kindly Sponsored by Hull Cartridge.


Have you ever seen clay shooting and thought you’d like to 'have a go' well now is your chance.

These stands are set up for novices to come and try the Clay Shooting experience.

There is no age restriction - 9 to 90 come and give it a try!

There will be qualified and friendly instructors to look after you, with a gun that suits your needs. Clays, cartridges and safety protection are provided.


  1. 40 Target Sporting  Re–entry (Individual competition for participants that have their own gun)

  2. Classes : Open – Juniors (under 18) – Ladies

    The 3 overall highest scores (irrespective of class) from each of the 3 days will go into a Super Final on Sunday afternoon with the chance of winning the 'Top Gun' prize for this competition.

    You can only qualify for this shoot off on one day, if your score is one of the top 3 on another day your name will be dropped allowing a final place to go to someone else.

  3. Club Class 40 sporting re- entry (Separate prize fund / articles)

  4. For shooters that have never had a classification, or have never been classified above B class in any discipline

  5. Pool Shoot 8 targets

  6. Break all of the targets to get a "life" for the shoot off to win a share of the 'pool' at the end of the day

Gnat planes

Due to the immense popularity of this event the "Gnat planes" are back. You have the opportunity to have 5 fly pasts where you can attempt to shoot down the plane!! (Just for Fun)

Fully supervised so anyone can have a go.

Gun, cartridges and safety protection are provided.

Ladies Day: Saturday

Saturday is Ladies Day. Come and show the fella’s how it’s done and win one of our excellent prizes including a bespoke outfit from Blues and Browns.

Young Shots

Juniors (under 18’s) Saturday and Sunday. Sponsored prizes for high scores from Hull Cartridge and the BINN Group.

Shooting Control

Participants are reminded that cartridges must be fibre wad and the shot size no heavier than 28gram. Cartridges will be available in the main control tent where you will get your Sporting entry and any other information you may require.

Hearing and eye protection is compulsory for shooters and recommended when in close proximity of the shooting.

Shotgun Depository

Take advantage of the on-site storage for your shotguns. If you wish to temporarily store your shotgun during the fair you must produce a valid shotgun certificate.

BASC at the shooting area

The BASC can offer a full range of shotgun coaching sessions including "Safe Shot", ai BASC award, which recognizes your knowledge of shotgun safety and gun handling.

Guns, cartridges and safety equipment are available. To get more information go to the BASC tent on Gunmakers Row in front of the Clay shooting area.

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