Press Accreditation Open

The press accreditation process for this year’s Scottish Game Fair is open until Friday 19 June, 2020. Please note that late ticket requests will be accepted.

Over 100 Scottish, national and international media and bloggers attended last year’s annual Scottish Game Fair with film crews also on site over the weekend.

Photography and videography from the 2018 Fair as well as previous years is available on request from Volpa as well as further information on the Fair and 2020 plans.

We welcome bloggers and guest contributions for our social media channels and would invite anyone interested in submitting copy or photography to get in touch. Preview features and trials of the sporting events can also be arranged by contacting:

Volpa via gamefair@volpa.co.uk or call Eleanor Mackay on 01738 700133 or Tricia Fox on 01738 700130

Trader News

We welcome news, press releases and blog content from our exhibitors, so please submit any content with accompanying JPEG photography for consideration to gamefair@volpa.co.uk. Please note that the closer we get to the Fair, the more populated the channels are with content but we will endeavour to support where we can.

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Scotland

If you’re looking for information on the work of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust in Scotland please contact:

Dick Playfair
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust: Playfair-Walker
Tel:0131 445 5570
Mob: 07776 282700
email: dick@playfairwalker.com




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